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This is where you can find our latest press releases and be able to gain access to our image bank. By contacting the PR Manager in your local area you will receive personalized advice and tips when planning a press trip to Sweden. Our PR Managers can also help with the right contacts and offer press service such as tips and ideas for articles and research about Sweden as a travel destination and Swedish tourism.

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Swedish Press room - Photo: Peter Rutherhagen/Johnér

Swedish Press room

or Swedish media about marketing of Sweden as a destination. 

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  • TaubeSpelen - Music Festival12 July - 13 July
  • Cultural Week in Sunne02 August - 09 August
  • Medieval Week on the island of Gotland02 August - 09 August
  • Eurogames Stockholm05 August - 08 August
  • Fashion Week Stockholm10 August - 16 August
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