Skåne Weekend break


Skåne, the perfect weekend break

Malmö is Sweden’s third city, sitting comfortably at the southernmost tip of Sweden, in a province called Skåne. The city has a particularly cosy, picturesque centre, with lots of shops, restaurants and cafés. Why not spend a weekend in Malmö in the new year? Malmö is an ideal choice when you want a small-scale, intimate weekend break where everything is within walking distance. The advantage of staying in Malmö is that a day trip can take you almost anywhere in Skåne.

Shopping in Malmö

Christmas time at Lilla torg in Malmö

Miriam Preis/VisitSweden

Of all the cities you could go shopping, Malmö has to be one of the best. It has it all – everything is within walking distance, it has a huge range of exciting shops, boutiques, department stores and shopping centres in an attractively laid out city, most of it pedestrian walkway – so no smelly car fumes to worry about.

Nocturnal Malmö

Bar and restaurant Victors at Lilla torg in Malmö

Miriam Preis/VisitSweden

Malmö comes into its own as the centre of nightlife in the Skåne region in the “wee, small hours”. The city rocks 7 nights a week, particularly in summertime, with bars, clubs, live music of every hue and restaurant cocktail lounges that turn into nightclubs and are open until 3 a.m.

Where to stay

Skåne has an amazing choice of places to stay and you can be sure to find your ideal place for your weekend break. Fancy staying in a castle on its island in a lake? Or why not in a boutique hotel right in the centre of Malmö?

Where to stay in Skåne

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