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Relaxing spa holidays

Sometimes it can be hard to truly unwind until you’ve completely gotten away from it all. The hustle and bustle of modern life can still be heard through the windows of town and city spas, and you know as soon as your treatment is over you’ll have to head out straight back to the fast-paced world. Completely getting away from it all is precisely what makes Skåne an ideal spa and relaxation destination. Many of Skåne’s retreat holidays are situated deep in beautiful Swedish countryside, surrounded by nothing more than picturesque lakes and forests. Plus, its location close to Copenhagen on the southern most tip of Sweden means it’s close enough for a short flight, yet serene and remote enough to be truly calming.

Relaxing holidays and the picturesque province of Skåne really do go hand in hand. Positively teaming with lakes and rivers, stunning coastline and nature reserves, it’s one of Sweden’s most beautiful and tranquil spots for relaxing and unwinding. On a spa weekend or retreat holiday here, you can bathe in wooden hot tubs underneath the stars or team a soothing treatment with pure and refreshing sea air. During retreat holidays it’s important to take care of both body and soul, so the uplifting feeling of well being experienced in such an idyllic landscape can be even more beneficial when combined with spa holidays.

On the south coast of Skåne lies Ystad Saltsjöbad, an 800m2 spa complex that sits nestled on a serene sandy beach. A stay at Ystad Saltsjöbad brings with it fresh sea air and stunning panoramic views out to sea that can’t help but lift the soul. Just lying on the beautiful beach would be relaxation enough, yet at Ystad Saltsjöbad you’ll find so much more to help you unwind. With a spa pool, flotation tank, steam room and sauna, there’s plenty to leave you feeling truly relaxed. Also located on the Skåne south coast is the Ystad Spa and Konferenshotell. Ideally situated between white sandy beaches and the historic town of Ystad, a stay at Ystad Spa and Konferenshotel perfectly mixes serene relaxation with natural and cultural outings. At the Ystad Spa and Konferenshotel you can try a whole host of spa treatments as well as the Jacuzzi, sauna and relaxation area.

Having taken in the stunning Skåne south coast, where should you go to next to experience the best in retreat holidays? If you want to see as much of Skåne as possible, why not head straight up north to Spa Trollstugan for an idyllic lakeside retreat? With its close proximity to lake Röe sjö and tranquil woodland, this peaceful spot puts other more bustling spa holidays to shame. With sleeping space for just eight people, it’s not a spa that’s packed with treatments and facilities, but it’s rather a peaceful retreat where you can quietly relax on the electronic massage chairs or in the steam and dry sauna.

For a taste of a distinctively Swedish spa holiday, make your way over to Möllans KM-SPA in central Skåne. This small wooden lodge is a rustic idyll situated close to a water mill. Here you can bathe in the open air in a wood fired hot tub, then release any remaining tension with a soothing massage that only uses natural products. Also in the centre of Skåne is the Granliden conference centre, which boasts a spa suite. This modest spa isn’t worth planning a whole spa holiday around, but it’s location close to the stunning lake västra Ringjön makes it a peaceful retreat well worth popping in to.

Spa & Relaxation Breaks

When it comes to pamper breaks what better place to choose then the home of Swedish massage? After all, if it’s this renowned for just a massage, imagine what a whole Swedish spa would be like! There are many places in Sweden that offer soothing spa breaks, but few are as beautiful as Skåne.

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