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Fishing holidays in Sweden

When it comes to fishing holidays, you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere as diverse and beautiful as Sweden’s most southerly province, Skåne. Whether it’s salmon and sea trout in the Ystad-Österlen region or flatfish and pike in Northeast Skåne, you’ll find exceptional fish in some of the world’s most stunning waters.

Why not begin your fishing holiday along the ‘Appelkusten’ (the Apple Coast)? It’s only an hour from Copenhagen airport, so you can be out on the water soon after you touch down. Appelkusten is ideal if you’re after one of those fisherman’s holidays where you get to do a bit of everything, as there’s deep sea fishing, reef fishing, wreck fishing and more. As well as serene sea fishing, the area boasts picturesque fishing villages like Kåseberga and historical market towns like Kivik. With accommodation ranging from B&Bs to grand mansion houses, there’s something to suit every fisherman’s taste.

If you prefer lake fishing, then Skåne still has plenty to offer. Lake Ivösjön in northeast Skåne is the largest lake in the province and is brimming with bream, salmon and crayfish. If you can brave the cold when the ice is thick and strong, jigging for perch is a popular fishing pastime. Another great fishing lake is Lake Ringsjön in central Skåne. It’s central location means it’s ideal to weave into your itinerary when you’re travelling across the province. Like a lot of the fishing in Sweden, Lake Ringsjön contains a wide variety of fish including rainbow trout, pike, carp and roach. Fly-fishing, bait casting, angling and jig fishing are all permitted on the lake, with fishing cards sold at the nearby Hörby Tourist Agency. In the northwest of Skåne lies the beautiful Lake Västersjön. Fishing is allowed in the whole lake, so hiring a boat for the day is a great way to get the most out of your fishing time. Fly fishing, spinning, float fishing and jigging are all permitted on Lake Västersjön.

River fishing fans can take their pick from the Helge å, Vramsån, Almaån, Skräbeån and Holjeån rivers in Northeast Skåne. There you’ll find whitefish, bream, perch and char as well as salmon trout. When on a fishing holiday here you can choose from a rustic cabin or a simple hostel, right up to a plush hotel or even a castle. In north-western Skåne runs the Rönne å river, which offers fantastic salmon fishing as well as perch, pike, roach and trout.

In the summer months, the Rönne å’s riverbanks are a stunning place to spend an afternoon fishing. The Verge å river runs into the western coast of Skåne and is a must see on any fisherman’s holiday. Within a 2km stretch along the lower part of the river you’ll find perch, pike, eel, bream and trout. While you’re in the area, why not fish along the western coast of Skåne? There are lots of memorable coastal fishing trips on offer, taking in stunning coastal scenery and picturesque fishing villages.

Fishing holidays in Skåne offer it all. Whether you’re a fly fishing fan or you’re more into deep sea fishing, you’ll find the perfect waters and the fish to match. What’s more, with plenty of welcoming, comfortable and convenient places to stay, you can relax and unwind the whole of your fishing holiday, not just when you’re out on the water.

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With its stunning coastline and wealth of rivers and lakes, there’s plenty of fishing to fit in on a short break in Skåne.

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