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Ecotourism holidays are becoming more and more popular as increasing numbers of people start to think about the environmental impact of their trips abroad. Ecotourism doesn’t mean boring-tourism as there are still many fun and memorable things to do that are both entertaining and respect the natural environment. With its breathtaking unspoilt landscape, Skåne in southern Sweden is an ideal destination for any eco tourist. Offering a huge choice of parks holidays and natural breaks, there are plenty of things to do that will keep you and the environment happy.

Across Sweden, the ancient right to enjoy the countryside freely is still in practice. This right to roam across the landscape makes Skåne an ideal eco holiday destination as you can leave your polluting car behind and get walking. With over 1000km of walking trails your feet can take you right across the province, from coastal paths, to woodland walks, to lakeside treks. What’s more, you can also camp while out and about in the countryside so you’re not restricted to dull campsites. This also means you can opt out of staying at wasteful hotels that use up energy laundering towels and heating pools and can instead take the eco friendly camping option. Just remember, when out on your Nordic outdoor adventure take your rubbish with you and recycle as much as possible.

With its ancient forests and many nature reserves, Skåne is a great place to learn and practice bush craft skills. With bush craft skills you can swap some of your wasteful modern products and instead use what you can find out and about in nature. There’s a great choice of bush craft holidays in Skåne that are suitable for a wide range of ages. You’re not allowed to cut down branches or twigs in Skåne and many mushrooms and berries can be poisonous, so it’s best to embark upon any bush craft with a trained guide as part of an organised trip.

The Skåne landscape is dotted with lakes, so you don’t need to venture far on any ecotourism holidays before coming across a beautiful body of water. One of the keys concepts of an eco holiday is to keep things local, whether that’s buying local produce or supporting companies that employ local people. Many canoe and boat tours are run by local people who know the area extremely well and who have lived in the province for generations. A Skåne canoe or boat tour is an ideal way to explore stunning waterside landscapes while supporting the local economy.

The Skåne wetlands also offer a fantastic opportunity to get back in touch with nature and observe some truly remarkable wildlife. You can take a bird watching boat tour and see what birds you can spot on the river and lake banks, or you could get cosy in a bird hide and patiently wait for the Skåne birds to make an appearance. Natural breaks are never complete without a close encounter with nature, so why not take the adventurous option and go on an eagle safari? Hop onto a specially adapted rubber dingy and take to the waters with an expert guide. On a good day you could see as many as 40 different types of eagle including white-tailed eagles and golden eagles.

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