Skåne Close-up on nature on a walking holiday

Close-up on nature on a walking holiday

Do you like to stroll by the sea on a walking holiday? Or perhaps you prefer a trekking holiday through forests and nature reserves? Whatever kind of walking and trekking you’re after, you’ll find it in Skåne. This southern Swedish province boasts miles and miles of rugged coastline, picturesque nature reserves, and loads of fascinating towns and historic sites. See Skåne by foot and you’re guaranteed a truly extraordinary activity holiday.

Feeling adventurous? In Skåne, you don’t need to stick to trails and paths on your walking holiday thanks to the ancient Swedish right to roam. You can trek wherever you want, as long as you respect crops and woodland and don’t cause any damage. So, for an exciting adventure holiday, simply head out with your GPS and enjoy unrestricted access to all the diverse and breathtaking scenery Skåne has to offer.

If following a trail is more your thing, then good news! Skåne has over 1000 km of walking trails (known altogether as the Skåneleden trail). If you fancy a long trekking holiday, why not walk the 367km coast-to-coast trail? It runs all the way from Sölvesborg in eastern Skåne to the Bjäre Peninsular in the west. Or for something a little bit more manageable, there’s the 165km Österlen trail that starts in Ystad on Skåne’s southern coast.

How about mixing your walking holiday with a bit of modern history? Head to Mälmo in southwest Skåne and you can take part in a fascinating Cold War walking tour of the city. Led by the historian and journalist Lena Breitner and former intelligence agent Gunnar Ekberg, this insightful tour reveals Mälmo’s Cold War past while providing a great opportunity to walk around the city. As Mälmo is near the Øresund Bridge, it’s a convenient place to stop on your way to or from Copenhagen airport.  

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