Skåne Kayaking holidays in paradise

Kayaking holidays in paradise

Thanks to its beautiful lakes, flowing rivers and stunning coastline, you’re never far from water when you’re in Skåne. As such a water-loving province, Skåne is full of places where you can hire a kayak or a canoe, making it an ideal destination for an activity holiday.

Fresh from your flight to Copenhagen airport, an ideal place to start your adventure holiday is southwest Skåne as it’s close to the Öresund Bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark.
One of the biggest cities in this area is Malmö, making the Malmö Kanotklubb a great place to begin your canoeing holiday. You can take to the water in a traditional Canadian canoe, hiring it for a couple of hours or for the whole day. Plus, as it’s so close to the city, you can combine your canoe trip with some city sightseeing.

If you’re after a truly watery experience, why not have your canoeing holiday on an island? The island of Ivö in northeast Skåne sits right in the middle of Ivöjön, the largest and deepest lake in Skåne. Here you can rent canoes for exploring the lake and camp at the Ivö camping ground.

Both canoeing and kayaking are on offer at lake Finjasön in northern Skåne. This large lake is a perfect choice for a kayaking holiday if you don’t want to camp, as it’s location close to the town of Hässleholm means you can easily travel between the lake and your hotel. As you can hire both canoes and kayaks on this beautiful lake, it’s an ideal choice if your family prefers a mixture of boating activities.

If you’re a fan of river canoeing, then head to the river Rönneå in northwest Skåne. Here you can spend the afternoon canoeing on the river before heading off to explore the incredible northwest Skåne coastline.

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