Skåne Take a cycling holiday this summer

Take a cycling holiday this summer

A cycling holiday offers the perfect mix of fitness and fun. You can easily cycle from place to place, deciding exactly where you want to go and whether you want to head off at your own leisurely pace or at speed if you’re up for more of a challenge. If you like the idea of peddling off on a cycling holiday, just you and the open road, then Skåne is an ideal cycling break destination. From coast to coast, it’s full of picturesque towns and nature reserves that are an unspoilt pleasure to cycle through.

Making cycling part of your Skåne activity holiday is a breeze as there’s over 800 km of cycle trails. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cycling across ice or snow, as Skåne’s cycling holiday season is long. Its location in southern Sweden means you can bike across stunning countryside from early spring right up until the end of autumn. 

Forget the hassle of traveling with a bike – hire one instead! There are plenty of cycle hire places scattered across Skåne where you can hire a bike for an hour or two, or for days at a time. Why not hire a bike near the Öresund Bridge? Then you can pick it up and drop it off on your way to and from Copenhagen Airport.

If you’re looking for an unconventional adventure holiday, why not give railway trolley cycling a go? In southeast Skåne in Österlen, you can hire a bike trolley and pedal up and down a 14km stretch of disused railway line. With both a bike seat and a separate passenger seat, you can take it in turns to pedal so that one of you can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside. 

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