Skåne Adventure

Adventure holidays for the whole family

When it comes to adventure holidays there are a few absolutely essential ingredients. One is a stunning and varied landscape where you can explore coasts and open lands, as well as rivers and lakes and other naturally beautiful spots. Another is the right to roam across this fascinating landscape so that you can see and do as much as possible and venture across exciting wild and remote lands. The third vital ingredient is a convenient place to stay, be it a picturesque camping spot or a rustic log cabin. Skåne in the south of Sweden offers all of this and more, making it an ideal choice for any activity holidays.

One of the key reasons Skåne is so good for activity holidays is the Swedish right to roam. Many European countries restrict access to the countryside, leaving vast areas of stunning landscape unexplorable. In Skåne, visitors can make use of the ancient right to roam, meaning they can explore the countryside freely. So whether you fancy a long trek or you simply want a quick walk, you can head in whatever direction you want as long as you respect crops and woodland and don’t damage any property. Thanks to the Swedish right to roam you can take to the stunning Skåne countryside with a real sprit of adventure. Why not take out your compass and just head north or south and see what fascinating parts of Skåne you can discover along the way?

Activity weekends often revolve around adventurous treks or walking between each activity destination, so it’s a good job Skåne has over 1000km of walking trails. Even the most serious of walkers would struggle to cover all that on one adventure break! To make this large quantity of walking trails more manageable they’re split up into 80 day routes, so you can easily pick and choose the ones you fancy. They cover the whole province, so you might be following a picturesque coastal route one day, then trekking through woodland the next.

Adventure weekends wouldn’t be complete without some back to nature accommodation. There are no plush hotels for the serious adventurer as it’s all about camping. Thanks to the ancient right to roam, in Skåne you’re not restricted to designated camping sites. If you’re out on an adventure trail blazing through new territory you should be able to camp in the countryside for 24 hours or a few days, as long as it is well away from any inhabited buildings. The freedom Skåne offers activity holidays is further extended to campfires. These can be created out in the countryside as long as it isn’t too dry (there are fines for causing any damage or forest fires) so you can easily warm yourself on a cold Swedish night.

If you like your adventure holidays to be as rustic and challenging as possible then why not forage for your own food? In Skåne you can pick wild berries and mushrooms, although be warned, you should only do this if you know exactly what you’re picking as some berries and mushrooms can be poisonous. You’re also free to fish in some of the larger lakes, so why not catch a fish for your supper and cook it over your campfire? Delicious!

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