Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

Ribersborg Kallbadhus


Ribersborg Kallbadhus

Bathe in your birthday suit in the brisk waters of the Öresund Strait.

Ribergsborgs Kallbadhus was inaugurated in 1898 as a swimming facility for ladies and gentlemen. Which is what it still is today. Except that now you can go naked.

The men and women sections are separate and each has two saunas for you to enjoy; one wood-fired and one steam. The women’s section can also come with solarium and massage. From the saunas you can enjoy panoramic views of Malmö and the remarkable Turning Torso building, as well as Copenhagen. Ribergsborgs also has a charming 1900s-style café offering local delicacies and can sit up to 100 people. During the summer there is evening entertainment with renowned musical artists and stand-up comedians.

If you want to pamper yourself Scandinavian-style you’ll come out of the steaming sauna and hop straight into the Öresund.

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