Travelling by taxi in Sweden

Taxis in Sweden transport you quickly and comfortably to your destination. A large number of taxi firms, both large and small, transport taxi customers around Sweden.

  • Taxi Kurir operates all over Sweden

Taxi Kurir operates all over Sweden

Depending on where you are on your travels you can either call and book a taxi via taxi booking services, go to a taxi rank or hail a taxi out on the street.

The Swedish taxi industry has been deregulated. Some companies have fixed prices but they can vary depending on the time of day and if it is the weekend. For this reason, it is recommended that you confirm the taxi fare before setting off. Credit cards are usually accepted. In line with the Swedish National Road Administration's regulations, the taxi driver must have all price information clearly visible both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Swedish taxi drivers are highly skilled. Gaining a taxi driver licence requires that the driver is both skilled at driving and suitable for the job and he or she must meet a number of medical requirements. A licence is issued by the Swedish National Road Administration which is then examined by the County Administrative Board to see if the applicant is suitable to hold a licence for prosecuting professional taxi services.

Airport cabs have fixed prices throughout Sweden. A price database is available on their website where you can obtain prices for shared air taxis or own air taxi to and from more than 3,000 places in Sweden.

Taxi companies in Stockholm

Taxi 020
Booking from abroad

Ph: +46 (0)20 20 20 20
Ph: +46 (0)8 85 04 00
Taxi Kurir
Ph: +46 (0)771 86 00 00
Taxi Stockholm
Ph: +46 (0)8 15 00 00

Taxi companies in Gothenburg

Taxi 020
Ph: +46 (0)20 93 93 00
Taxi Göteborg Ph: +46 (0)31 650 000
Taxi Kurir Ph: +46 (0)31 27 27 27

Taxi companies in Malmö

Taxi 020 Ph: +46 (0)20 20 20 40
Taxi Kurir Ph: +46 (0)40 70 000

High speed train to/from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Transfer from Stockholm airports

Transfer from airports in and around Stockholm.

Flygbussarna, the airport busses

Transfer from Gothenburg airports

Transfer from Landvetter and Gothenburg City Airports.

Malmö Airport

Transfer from Malmö airport

Transfer from Malmö airport.

Öresundsbron, connects Malmö and Copenhagen

Transfer from Copenhagen airport in Denmark

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport in Denmark is located 32 km from Malmö.


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