Getting around Sweden by Car

Using your own car in Sweden means a holiday of freedom. Free to drive where your fancy takes you discovering a wealth of exciting things along the way.

  • By car in Sweden

By car in Sweden

Sweden offers drivers a well-maintained network of roads and highways. It is possible to drive the entire length of Sweden from south to north. There are no tolls (except when crossing the Öresund Bridge), and traffic jams are rare. The roads are usually in excellent condition, with easy-to-read traffic signs.

Driving off the main highways is easy if you feel like discovering Sweden in your own way. Most Swedish roads are suitable for motor homes and caravans. If you decide to rent a car in Sweden there are a number of car rental firms to choose from. Along the roadside the naturally beautiful countryside offers both natural and prepared roadside stops.

A good map is recommended, and then it's simply a case of hitting the road!


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