Horse riding with kids

Equestrian holidays in Sweden are not just for adults. Children over the age of 12 are more than welcome

  • Nature's Best arrangement Rid i Jorm, in Jämtland
  • Horse riding by Nature’s Best

Nature's Best arrangement Rid i Jorm, in Jämtland

Camping expeditions and trail riding

Family friendly horse riding camping expeditions and trail rides in Sweden welcome kids over 12, or very confident riders who can handle a horse at walking pace, trot and gallop in a forest environment. So your horse-riding-with-kids holiday is not limited to a few rounds of the local theme park. Here is a list (in Swedish) of horse-riding holiday options the length and breadth of Sweden and to follow are just two examples of fantastic locations in Sweden where you and the kids can enjoy your favourite sport.

The island of Gotland

Go to the gorgeous Baltic island of Gotland on Sweden’s south east coast, home to the ancient Gotland Pony breed, that still roam the heaths and moors. Or you can choose form a centre-based holiday and stay in a farmhouse, hotel, manor house, or a log cabin.

Arctic Circle riding

Yes, you can go on horse riding adventures with your +12 year-old children in Swedish Lapland.  And you should because this is Europe’s last remaining wilderness and there are summer and winter options available for you to discover this unique part of the world on horseback. In summertime you and your? kids could be riding along the legendary Grand Nikkaluokta Trail, as part of a camping expedition, riding under the midnight sun. In wintertime, experience snowy Swedish Lapland on horseback and spend a night at the iconic ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, as well as enjoying snowmobiling and skiing activities.

For all things horse-riding in Sweden visit the Swedish Equestrian Federation


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