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  • Midsummer Celebration

    Midsummer Celebration

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What is it about Sweden that visitors to the country and social commentators seem to find so damned attractive?

Could it be the, nature-loving, environmentally minded, tradition-celebrating, healthy-living, coffee-guzzling, summertime slacking Swedish lifestyle?

When it comes down to it the lifestyle of most Swedes is dictated by the seasons. Wintertime is typically a period of working hard, entertaining at home and cultural outings and winter sports at the weekend.

When summer arrives, it’s ‘everyone outdoors’ to the countryside, usually to a sommarställe, summer cottage, whiling away the month of July (seriously) with family and friends, fishing, boating, berry picking and celebrating the sun.

Not so bad the Swedish lifestyle. Is it?

Fjällbacka in Bohuslän, West Sweden

Swedish culture

The clothes you wear, the online music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you watch, the furniture you buy. Chances are that there is a little bit of Sweden in there somewhere.

Hiking in Sarek, Swedish Lapland

Roam free in Sweden

Did you know that the Right of Public Access allows you to enjoy Sweden's stunning and expansive countryside with few restrictions?

Michelin starred restaurant 28+ in Gothenburg

Food & Drink in Stockholm

Scandinavia is seeing a culinary wave, characterized by innovation and having a strong tie to nature. Stockholm is at the very center of this.

Art glass in Glasriket/Kingdom of Crystal

World famous Swedish glass

The Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) is where world famous Swedish glass such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors are made. Here you can visit glassworks and glass studios, blow your own glass and stay in a hotel featuring a glass bar and oodles of glass artwork.



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