Swedish mountains

There are around 2,000 mountains and caves that can be explored throughout Sweden, a lot of which are highly suitable for tourists to visit and that will awaken the urge to embark on new thrilling adventures.Due to the northerly latitude of the Swedish mountains, summer time offers sunny green grass hiking and skiing until May. Exploring can be done year round, and if you’re coming here from October to May, you will need crampons and Nordic skis.

  • Räitavagge, Kebnekaise, Swedish Lapland

Räitavagge, Kebnekaise, Swedish Lapland

Sweden’s mountain range drops towards Norway and curve into Finland, forming the backbone of Sweden.

Kebnekaise in Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s highest mountain at 2,117 metres above sea level and therefore Sweden’s highest mountain station. It is run by STF and lies 85 km from the city of Kiruna.

The Kebnekaise Classic competition in April is for ski-mad adventurers and is one of Northern Europe's most challenging and demanding routes: four mountain peaks, two days and a whole lot of fun. And cramps.

Summer skiing? Make for Riksgränsen. Fauna, fishing and flora? Åre, and Lake Kallsjön. Glaciers? Sylarna and Helags (also a highly regarded region for its botanical beauty).

Tips? Decide whether you want snow or sun and check the seasonal weather forecast from a latitude perspective. The seasons are different here in Sweden. It’s a long country, and summer in the south can mean lolling in lakes. If you do that in some places in the Arctic Circle in summer, you should first have your skis to get to the lake and then have a sauna pre-dip to avoid helicopter ambulance calls. Most embarrassing. Especially if you have just had your sauna in the buff.


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