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  • Bovallstrand Marina on the West Coast
    Bovallstrand Marina on the West Coast

    © Mark Harris/

  • Ecovillage Naturbyn in Värmland

    Ecovillage Naturbyn in Värmland

    © Jacque de Villiers/

  • The Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

    The Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

    © Fredrik Broman/



Did you know that Sweden is one of Europe’s largest and least populated countries? Or that Swedish Lapland is the last remaining wilderness in Europe. And that off Sweden’s wild coastline there are tens of thousands of islands.
With an extensive network of national parks, trails and hostels, even the most remote part of the country are accessible

Come and explore.

Outdoor in Sweden

Outdoor in Sweden Magazine

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Farm holiday at Larsbo gård in Hälsingland

Farm stays in Sweden

Stay on a working farm in Sweden and walk through the fields, hear the birds sing, and breathe clean country air.

Nassa, Storskäret, Stockholm archipelago

Sweden’s archipelagoes

The Stockholm archipelago. The West Coast archipelago. Heard of them? Sweden’s archipelagoes are oases of naturally perfect peace and quiet, of unwinding and discovering a different side of Sweden.

Lookout from Skierffe, Rapadalen in Swedish Lapland

Sweden’s national parks

Swedish forest, mountain and marine national parks and a whole lot of wild Swedish adventure.

Lowland hiking in Southern Sweden

Lowland trails

The lowlands trails of central and southern Sweden criss-cross inland and out to the east, west and south coasts of the country. And they are dotted with many shelters, youth hostels and campsites.




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