Green travel

Walking, cycling, rail travel and public transport are the greenest ways of getting around while you are Sweden. We’re not suggesting that you walk or cycle from the sandy beaches of the south to the wilds of Arctic Sweden (not a bad idea though…), but you can make your carbon footprint much smaller by choosing green travel options.

Luckily, Sweden’s national railway, public transport operators and airlines offer green transport options. Let’s use them and help preserve Sweden’s beautiful countryside, cities and towns.

  • Public transport in Gothenburg

Public transport in Gothenburg


There isn’t a better, more sustainable mode of transport than your own two feet? So when you’re visiting Sweden’s big three cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö bring a pair of comfortable shoes, fill your recycled plastic bottle with clean and tasty Swedish tap water and off you go. Most of the culture and heritage sights, shops and other attractions are usually just a stroll away. And if they’re not, how about…


Cycling is huge in Sweden. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and most other Swedish towns all have extensive and well-developed bike lane networks that take you to, through and past all of their attractions. All three also have sponsored bike hire schemes and very good they are too. The season usually runs from April through to October in all three cities. Read more about bike hire in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. And just think, you’ll be cool, cycling is extremely popular in Sweden (yes, we also have lycra-clad speedsters), to commute, to take the kids to daycare and school and for pleasure. Join them and protect your lid by wearing a helmet.

Public transport

Some people poo poo (yes, Swedes turn it into renewable energy) public transport; ‘it’s full of people, you never get a seat, it’s always late….’ Don’t listen to them, at least in Sweden’s case. You can travel the length and breadth of Sweden on public transport in perfect comfort, taking in the sights. And you never know, you might just make a new travel buddy and it’s a fantastic way of observing the locals. You’ll have plenty of time to meet people if you buy the Arctic Circle Pass from SJ, Sweden’s national rail operator, that takes you into the heart of Swedish Lapland and you can alight at Abisko National Park for a view of the Northern Lights.

Back in the towns and cities of Sweden, the public transport system of trains, buses, trams and boats works really well. We’re in Sweden after all, the locals like punctuality, order and above all environmentally friendly travel. The railways and trams work mostly on renewable energy, the buses are gradually being converted to biogas and boat and ferry companies, from what we can tell, are looking to convert to alternative fuels and are taking other measures to lower their environmental impact.

Information on public transport in Sweden and various city card offers.

By car and car rental

Coming to Sweden with your own car, caravan or motor home? You’ll enjoy the well-maintained roads and highways and you can drive the whole way from the deep south of Sweden to the far north, inside the Arctic Circle. An easy way to be eco-friendly is green driving that, if you follow it, will reduce your vehicle’s impact on Sweden’s precious natural environment.

The big car rentals are all present in Sweden at the country’s airports, ferry terminals and the larger towns and cities. If you are renting a car, look out for green deals on hybrids, electric, biofuel and other vehicles that are kinder to the environment.


When you arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Airport you can only book an ‘eco taxi’ because they are the only taxis that are allowed to service the airport. The same is not true of Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport so check the vehicle type before you hop in. Otherwise, if you are booking or hailing a taxi make sure you pick a hybrid, electric, biofuel or other green vehicle. And still on the subject of green(s), make sure you get check the price of your journey before you set off.

Air travel and airports

Sweden has three major city airports; Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport. As well as numerous regional airports. Read more about Sweden’s larger airports and their services.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the largest, of course, and has won several domestic and international prizes for its work on reducing its impact on the environment. The airport was the first airport to be awarded the Airport Carbon Accreditation’s highest environmental standard.

Sweden’s largest domestic and international carrier SAS is also doing its bit to reduce carbon emissions and deal with its impact on the environment. In fact the SAS Group’s airline companies have both ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental certification.

Please enjoy Sweden responsibly by traveling green.


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