Green accommodation

Sweden is a natural wonder. Big claim, but is it true? How about those Northern Lights at Abisko National Park? Or a lobster ‘safari’ on Sweden’s West Coast (yes, you get to eat them)? Get your head around floating at a snail’s pace down the Klarälven river on a timber raft.

Yes, it is true and you can help keep it that way by choosing green accommodation when you visit.

  • Nature’s Best arrangement Brunkulla Gård, Jämtland

Nature’s Best arrangement Brunkulla Gård, Jämtland

Green accommodation

What we mean by ‘green accommodation’ is that hotels, hostel and guesthouse accommodation carry the Nordic Eco-label, the Nordic region’s official eco-label. As they say themselves ‘buy Nordic Eco-label products and you will be contributing to sustainable consumerism, a better climate, and ultimately a sustainable society.´

There are some 250 Nordic Ecolabel hotels and hostels in Sweden in the three major cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and in the provinces and regions. Also look out for KRAV, EU Flower The Green Key hotel, hostel and guesthouse accommodation.


STF (try saying Svenska Turistföreningen) runs 400 youth hostels, hotels, mountain stations and huts in Sweden. It is completely independent and is a popular movement of 300,000 members who just adore wild and wonderful, natural Sweden. Keep an eye out for their accommodation types marked with the Nordic Ecolabel, KRAV, EU Flower and the Green Key.

Nature’s Best

If you want to enjoy Sweden’s countryside at its very best look out for the Nature’s Best logo. This is Sweden’s first national quality label for eco tourism activities and accommodation and it is the pick of the bunch for eco-tourism activities and stays in Sweden’s great outdoors. For example how about a bit of forest hermitage at Urnatur, or a Northern Lights/Swedish food experience at STF Abisko Turiststation, or how about a just-outside-the-city wilderness adventure with Stockholm Adventures. For a rustic stay at Sweden’s most primitive hotel (their words not ours) go feral at Kolarbyn Eco-lodge, listen to the wolves howl and track an elk.

We almost forgot about the Tree Hotel. It is for real and it is totally unique.

Enjoy Sweden responsibly and book a green stay.

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