Go green in Sweden

Sweden would like your help to keep its countryside and wilderness areas pristine and make its towns and cities more sustainable.

  • Nature’s Best arrangement Brunkulla Gård, Jämtland
  • Public transport in Gothenburg
  • Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland

Nature’s Best arrangement Brunkulla Gård, Jämtland

So, are you going to help us keep Sweden beautiful? Course you are. Please just read and think about the tips and advice below and then try to follow them. Hey, no-one is perfect and you might not manage all of them, but at least you tried.

Arranging your trip to Sweden

You can make your visit to Sweden almost entirely paperless. Book everything online, and before you arrive download maps, apps and guides to your smartphone. Most accommodation in Sweden can also be booked online, as can travel tickets and admission to major attractions. The only paper you need to bring to Sweden is your passport and any visa documents you may need.

Travel light

Extra luggage means extra fuel for the airplane, if you are flying to your destination in Sweden. It also means extra hassle for you because you have to lug it around and you may have to pay an extra baggage allowance at the airport. Even if you are traveling here by train, boat, bus or car, too much luggage is never a good idea. So, think about it, do you really need all that luggage?


If you choose a Nordic Ecolabel or Green Key hotel, guesthouse or other accommodation they follow the directives and guidelines issued by these labels. Also look out for Nature’s Best ecolabel and STF labeled accommodation. Otherwise, reuse towels and bed sheets as often as you can and don’t get your room cleaned too often. Also, unplug electrical appliances when not in use. And switch the light off when you leave the room (unless there’s someone in it). Just like at home.

Use public transport

The best way of getting around in Sweden is by public transport, especially in the town and cities. It is clean, safe, and is almost always on time. Sweden’s major cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have inter-city train and bus links, and Swedish towns are well served by public transport. Find out more about train travel in Sweden and get information on public transport in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Walk or cycle

Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö are great walking cities as they are compact and pretty much all of their attractions and sights are within walking distance. Otherwise hire a bicycle.

Drink the tap water

Bring a reusable bottle and fill it up with perfectly clean, safe and drinkable Swedish tap water. The stuff out of the tap costs you nothing and you won’t leave a trail of plastic bottles behind.


It goes without saying that you put litter in rubbish bins when you’re in the towns and cities of Sweden. Sometimes the bins will be marked; ‘Burkar‘ and ‘Övrigt’, the first means ‘Cans’ and the second means ‘Other’. If you are in the countryside and there are no rubbish bins, please collect your waste and dispose of it when you reach a rubbish bin. If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation, please sort your waste if possible.

In the countryside

Sweden has something called the Right of Public Access and a precious thing it is too. It means that anyone can enjoy the countryside in Sweden as long as they do it responsibly and do not disturb nature.

Eating out

Most restaurants and eateries in Sweden have a website and you can read online reviews, including from where they source their ingredients. The best thing to do, eat in restaurants that source their ingredients locally.

Find out more about Food & Drink in Sweden

Eating in

If you are staying in self-catering accommodation and have to buy-in foodstuffs from a local supermarket or grocery, look out for KRAV label foodstuffs and products. This is Sweden’s biggest and best organic food label.

Please enjoy your time in Sweden responsibly.

View over Riddarholmen in Stockholm

Green Stockholm

Stockholm bagged the ‘European Green Capital’ award by the EU in 2010 and it is a beacon of inspiration for other cities with its efforts to improve the city environment. Come and let it inspire you.

Gothenburgs Botanical Garden

Green Gothenburg

Go Gothenburg. That’s what we say. You can visit and enjoy the city’s events and attractions without pinging your green conscience. And just about everything you’d want to do and see here you can do under your own steam by walking or cycling.

Western harbour in Malmö

Green Malmö

Malmö is one of world’s most sustainable cities and has been bagging prizes and awards for its efforts to become a truly sustainable city. Come and enjoy this once industrial city flowering into a city of the future.

Mountain biking in Björkliden, Swedish Lapland

Cycling holiday

What do you want from a cycling holiday? Pleasant days touring the rolling southern Sweden countryside, or the unique High Coast area in northern Sweden. Eyeballs out, careening down a mountainside in the north. Leisurely towpath riding. Or casual cycling on coastal roads in West Sweden. Sweden has the lot.

Hiking in Sarek, Swedish Lapland

Hiking trails

Sweden has the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) enshrined in its constitution. It means you can go anywhere you want in the country as long as you leave the surroundings the way you found them – undisturbed.

Ski resort Funäsdalen

Skiing for everyone

In Sweden there are some 200 ski resorts, ranging from family resorts, with children’s facilities and activities, to larger resorts with a buzzing nightlife, restaurant and bar scene.


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