Canoeing & Kayaking

From north to south, east to west in Sweden, take your pick of waterways to paddle. Discover wild Swedish Lapland, Sweden’s longest river and 10,000 lakes of Värmland province in the west, the raggedy-jaggedy West Coast by sea kayak.

  • Kayaking at Island Borgen in Stockholm archipelago

Kayaking at Island Borgen in Stockholm archipelago

Wild thing

Canoeing and kayaking in Europe doesn’t get wilder or more remote than Swedish Lapland. And with the midnight sun lighting up the sky 24/7 in summertime in the Arctic Circle, you get double the time to explore and discover this extraordinary place. 

Swedish Lapland offers canoeists and kayakers a true wilderness experience with rivers cutting through ravines and across giant Arctic plains and marshes. The Kalix and the Torne rivers are the big name rivers here, but there are hundreds more to choose from.


In the west of the country lies the province of Värmland, known for its giant forests, 10,000 lakes and fantastic canoeing and kayaking country. The Klara river, Sweden’s longest, carves the entire length of the province before flowing into lake Vänern, one of Europe’s largest lakes. For a choice of 80 pristine lakes and waterways on the north of the province go for giant-forested Glaskogen nature reserve. Local adventure specialists Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter will kit you out and look after you. Recharging your batteries takes on a new meaning if you opt for the 7-day trip. ‘Only the lonely….’

The Klara river, Röjdån, Rottnan and Svartälven offer fabulous canoeing and kayaking adventures and are served by outdoors experts Vildmark i Värmland, based in the town of Torsby.

West Sweden

The West Coast of Sweden stretches from Gothenburg all the way north to the border with Norway. Known as Bohuslänskusten it is dotted with darling fishing villages, while off the coast lies a sea kayaking paradise of islands, islets and skerries. This coast is world-famous for its succulent, fresh seafood and should be too for its sea kayaking.

Why? One very good reason is the northerly Kosterhavet Marine National Park, a 450 square kilometer nature haven for flora and fauna above the water line on the islands (thankfully car-free) and marine life in the depths. Explore, discover, go native. Sea kayaking in Sweden rarely gets better than this. Go here for more details on kayaking/canoe trips.

A second is the Fjällbacka archipelago. The many islands here make it un-navigable for shipping, so you have them all to yourself. And lucky for you the islands act as wind breaks, so the paddling is leisurely. Claim one of the uninhabited islands for camping on, or simply stop-off for a spot of sunbathing or eats. For sea kayaking in the Koster and Fjällbacka archipelagoes pay a visit to sea kayaking specialists and guides Nautopp in the town of Lysekil, a one-hour pleasure drive up the coast from Gothenburg.

For more information on sea kayaking on the West Coast go here.

Still in the West Sweden, but this time going inland, is the Dalsland Canal, a 240 kilometre navigable system of lakes in the heart of drop-dead gorgeous Dalsland province. And the canoe, of course, is the best mode of transport. Canoe-crazy Dalslanders even have their own ‘canoe marathon’ every year, go here for a look. If you don’t feel like busting a gut in this enduro event and want to take on the lakes and waterways of Dalsland at a more civilized pace go here.

And, of course there are many more places in Sweden where you can go canoeing and kayaking. Sweden is huge. How about trying out Skåne. Or make your way to the south-west province of Halland. And surely you knew that Stockholm is built on 14 islands and has its very own archipelago. Go here for details. Still on the east coast, but further south try the archipelago-rich province of Östergötland.

Nature’s Best ecotourism-approved canoeing and kayaking activities and operators around Sweden.

Summertime Sweden is a total paddle-fest. What are you waiting for?


Summertime but also year round kayaking in West Sweden

Nature's Best arrangement Eagle Safari in Skåne


Visitors to Sweden’s wilderness areas and countryside usually run out of superlatives about their experience. Who wouldn’t? It is astonishing in its variety and diversity, from the high Alpine peaks of the Arctic Circle to the white sandy beaches of its southernmost tip. And you have access to all of it.

Huvudskär islet, Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is a cluster of 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks spreading 80 km east from the city into the Baltic Sea. Some of the larger islands are great spots for midsummer parties!

Wether Islands in Bohuslän, at the West Coast

The West Coast archipelago

Sea, wildlife, kayaking, fishing and a whole lot of sailing lifestyle.

The Dalsland Canal

The Dalsland Canal

Calm, quiet canal cruising, crystal clear waters, and idyllic summertime Swedish countryside camping.


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