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Food & Drink in Gothenburg

Gothenburgers and people from the West Coast jokingly use the epitaph ‘the front part of Sweden’ to describe where they are from and they are not exaggerating when talking about the fruits of the salty North Sea.

  • Seafood from Gothenburg, West Sweden
  • Restaurant Kock & Vin in Gothenburg

Seafood from Gothenburg, West Sweden

There is nothing to beat the mackerel, cod, turbot, hake and whiting caught here and skilfully prepared by some of the best fish restaurants in Sweden. Shrimp from Smögen is a true delicacy (especially in winter) as is the langoustine and the world-renowned oysters from Grebbestad. And when the autumn’s lobster premiere comes around, enthusiasts crowd the fishing boats on lobster ‘safaris’ around the islands and islets. Going inland, the food-inspired Västra Götaland region has fine examples of small-scale food producers such as Påverås’ award-winning cheeses, or Sivans, who sell their cheeses on the square in Vara, Mowitz chicken from Hjärtum, or Bitterna Lamb.

You can get more information at www.goteborg.com

Want to know more about the gastronomic city of Gothenburg? Watch the video!

Taste of Gothenburg from Göteborg / Gothenburg on Vimeo.

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Restaurant Familjen in Gothenburg

Bistros and bars in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a gourmet haven for seafood lovers and it’s not restricted to fine dining establishments. There are plenty of cool bistros and bars to explore on a weekend break to Gothenburg.

One of many coffee shops in Gothenburg

Cafés in Gothenburg

Giant cinnamon rolls, tables spilling on to cobblestoned streets and probably the best chocolate café in Sweden – hello Gothenburg.

Thörnströms Kök, with a star in Guide Michelin

Fine dining in Gothenburg

Seafood haven, fish churches and Sweden’s restaurant of the year.

Fiskekyrkan in Gothenburg

Street food in Gothenburg

Fast, fresh seafood, fish churches and hotdogs with a fishy twist.


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