Trip skating

Sweden is a trip skater’s icy dream; crisp, cold winters and a plain ridiculous amount of lakes (almost 100,000) and rivers, many of which freeze over in a mirror of natural ice in wintertime. Sweden’s coastline is also peppered with archipelagoes and teeming with islands.

  • Skating at lake Siljan in Dalarna

Skating at lake Siljan in Dalarna

Trip skating tours

On adventure tours, expect to stay in hostels, carry your packed lunch on your back, and hit the ice early. Your guide will also advise on technique regarding skating on natural ice.

Going the distance

Depending on your experience and tenacity, you can cover anything from 25-200 km per day. And we promise that’s a lot of tranquillity and majestic Swedish winter waterscapes to take in.

Fire and ice

Finish yourself off with a sauna and if the conditions are right, head back out for a bit of moonlight skating. Magic.


Stockholm and Östersund are the most popular spots trip skating in Sweden.

If you choose to go on an organised adventure tour in Stockholm and Östersund, you will need some previous skating experience of some sort e.g. roller blades or rink skating skills.

If you are trip skating without a guide, get advice on ice conditions before heading on in autumn or late spring.


The country is long, so winter hits at different times. Centrally in the Stockholm region, the ice can form as early as late November depending on when the temperatures drop. And it can last right up until the end of March or so.


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