There are six ski resorts located around four ski systems: Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen, Hundfjället, Kläppen and Stöten.

  • Ski resort Sälen
  • Ski resort Sälen

Ski resort Sälen

Glittering snow, well-oiled lifts and gorgeous pistes are not hard to find in a winter wonderland like Sweden. But the heart and soul of Sälen is found only here. Nowhere else can you do parallel turns on Sweden’s most frequently skied slope, get to know several hundred living trolls of wood and ski four ski systems in a single day. Only in Sälen can you sharpen your skills on 19 contiguous green slopes, encounter staff who do everything in their power to be the most pleasant and welcoming in the Nordic mountains, and enjoy steaming waffles baked according to a recipe that hasn’t changed since the 1930s. Few ski kingdoms have an equally generous selection for an equal number and enough space to allow families with children and fun-seekers to enjoy their very different holidays side-by-side – along with an expansive choice of accommodation, all close to the heart of it all.

Those are just a few of the qualities that combine to attract all kinds of downhill skiers to Sälen, year after year. And for all of those who take a bit of our soul home with them, Sälen is never again far away. Regardless of your level of experience, what you have on your feet, or how old you are, you will have an unforgettable ski experience in Sälen. Every need is catered for Sälen: there are special areas for the smallest children, loads of green slopes and easy lifts for the inexperienced, Fun Parks and snowboard areas for people who literally live for the jump, blue and red slopes for those who like medium-difficulty slopes and, finally, the true blacks for skiers who have full control on skis or have bets on with their pals. Every morning, the ski area opens with carefully groomed corduroy slopes, freshly oiled lifts and waxed rental equipment. Everything is ready. All you have to do is ski.

Hungry in Sälen? No matter where you are staying in Sälen, you should have access to all 112 of our slopes and we recommend that you move around in our mountain world. Wherever you go, it will take only a few minutes by car, bus, or connection lift.


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