Idre Fjäll

A winter adventure that is a cut above the ordinary, with skiing in all directions, a magnificent view, a snow guarantee and masses of activities for the whole family.
As always, that is Idre Fjäll in a nutshell.

  • Ski resort Idre Fjäll
  • Idre Fjäll in Dalarna

Ski resort Idre Fjäll

Our winter holiday at Idre Fjäll will be a wonderful break from the mundane for kids and grownups alike. The shaky legs of beginners and the legs of pros that slice through the snow are guaranteed to have an equal amount of fun. And first and foremost, the whole thing is just as easy for everyone. So put your everyday life on the shelf for a while and jump straight into an exciting winter adventure. You will soon discover that everything is not as usual. You are invited to come and take a look at the “new” Idre Fjäll.

Skiing in all directions means you can always be on the sunny side or leeward, at your pleasure, and you always have many slopes to choose from. And despite the expanse of the system, you won’t have to deal with boring transport routes.
The varied skiing is another advantage: Chocken, Toker, Gröngölingen, Ravinen, Specialen and the new Carvingsvängen are only a few examples. At Idre Fjäll, it won’t take long for you to find your favourite slope, regardless of whether you are a slider, an adventurer, or a beginner at slalom or snowboarding. The entire family can enjoy skiing, even if individual wishes may vary widely.

The mix of skiing, sunshine and good food and drink is virtually unbeatable. Here in Idre, every opportunity is yours to enjoy that particular combination on the slopes and in our inviting restaurants and afterski places.
It is Show Night at Värdshuset several nights a week, featuring the Show Patrol. Each night has a different theme, which is reflected in the food and entertainment. The kids have their own events: preteen and teen discos, ”mini-stars”, song and story hours, the Log Cabin, crafts and a kids’ buffet are among the most popular.
At Idre Fjäll, entertainment is at its peak for people of all ages.


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