Mighty mountains that enfold you, filled with endless opportunities, secrets and challenges. Off-piste skiing and loose snow with a reputation among those in the know.

  • Funäsdalen Ski resort in Härjedalen
  • Flåten in Funäsdalen, Härjedalen

Funäsdalen Ski resort in Härjedalen

Carefully groomed ski trails over endless, untouched expanses. The slopes are many and long, the queues short and few. Liberating silence and happy laughter. Mountains with a great deal of space and a lot of heart, a place to return year after year: Funäsfjällen.

Funäsfjällen is the third-largest ski area in Sweden, encompassing the resorts at Ramundberget, Bruksvallarna, Ljusnedal, Messlingen, Mittådalen, Tännäs, Fjällnäs, Hamra, Tänndalen and Funäsdalen. This is Sweden’s most southerly alpine region, with many peaks higher than 1,000 metres above sea level. Sweden’s most southerly glacier is on Helags, which peaks at 1,798 metres above sea level. There are two Sami villages here, Mittådalen and Ruvhten Sijte, as well as several mountain pastures that are still in use. These and other cultural expressions lend a genuine uniqueness to Funäsdalsfjällen.

You can book accommodation in 13 hotels, 24 holiday chalet villages and private chalets through Funäsfjällen. There are 27 restaurants, 9 dance venues and a discotheque in the area. The restaurants often base their cuisine on local ingredients. Funäsfjällen is the ski resort in Sweden where the snow is most reliable – according to Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute statistics, the most copious amounts of snow fall in Funäsfjällen and Riksgränsen. The area is high above sea level and the snow is soft and easy to ski. We prefer not to use snow guns, because manmade snow is usually hard and icy. We even extend a natural snow guarantee! That means at least five slopes and 20 km of cross-country trails must be open for skiing within Funäsfjällen from the first of December to the end of April.


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