Golf season

What the Swedish golf season lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Sweden offers golfers mild temperatures, mostly dry conditions, and long hours of daylight making the golf season in Sweden excellent for play.

Golfers in Sweden's southern golf area, Skåne, traditionally begin playing their favorite golf courses around the first week of April.  As spring's warm temperatures begin to move north, golfers in Sweden limber their golfing muscles and, by the end of May, most areas of Sweden are ready for golf.

  • Kalmar Golf Club in Småland

Kalmar Golf Club in Småland

July is a busy month for golf, as the traditional Swedish summer holidays begin.  Golfers from around the world can take advantage of warm summer weather all around Sweden, even in the very northern parts of the country. A golfer can play under the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle. The adventurous golfer can tee it up after midnight, and still finish a round in broad daylight.

As summer ends and fall comes to the country, Sweden offers golfers the spectacle of golf with crisp, autumn air and wonderful colors as the leaves turn to red and gold. The islands of Öland and Gotland can offer golfers opportunities to play well into the end of the year, as ocean currents help keep the islands frost free.

While it's not unusual for golfers in Stockholm and Gothenburg to be able to play into November, dressed for the cooler temperatures, the Swedish golf season comes to a close as it begins, in Skåne. Swedish golfers can still travel there to play, and smart visitors from northern Europe can take advantage of a Swedish golf season that is longer than one would think.

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