Golf courses

Sweden offers golfers a variety when it comes to its geography. Much of Sweden consists of forest and woodland. Southern Sweden is predominantly agricultural, with increasing forest coverage northward. Mountains and hills are dominant in the west. 15% of Sweden lies north of the Arctic Circle.

  • Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside Stockholm
  • Fjällbacka GK, West Sweden
  • Dalsjö Golf Club in Dalarna
  • Halmstad GK, Southern Sweden
  • Billingens Golf Club, between Skara and Skövde
  • Isaberg GK, Småland
  • PGA of Sweden National Golf Club in Skåne
  • Karlstad GK, Värmland
  • Visby Golf Club, Gotland
  • Österlens GK, Skåne

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside Stockholm

Golfers in Sweden have three main types of golf course layouts to play. They are parkbana, skogsbana or a combination of the two.

- The Parkbana, which translates to park course, is a design of that will be typically on the rolling terrain of former farmland. Styled after the classic parkland courses in England, a typical parkbana will have mature and well maintained landscaping. Usually an easy to medium walking course, parkland courses are found in the more open areas of the Swedish countryside.

- A Skogsbana means you will be playing on a golf course designed to take advantage of the hills and forests of Sweden. Usually surrounded by trees, the skogsbana course will usually call for accurate tee shots. The trade off is some spectacular vistas to stop and admire while walking to your next shot.

- Park och skogsbana. It may read like we are being cheeky, but most golf courses in Sweden are of this type. A combination of both the flat meadows and the forests that are above them, these courses combine the two styles in varying ways.

Finally, in the southern area of Sweden, because of its coastal sandy soil, you can find some links courses. Though some courses use such descriptions as "links-like" or "links styled", this description is due more to the style of bunkering or its open landscape than their proximity to the coastline.

Bovallstrand Marina in West Sweden

Southern Sweden

Southern Sweden charms with its landscape of rich farmland, fabulous heritage sites, gorgeous coastline to the north west, apples groves and pretty province of Österlen and cosmopolitan Malmö, the main city here.

Mii Gullo Spa at Fjällnäs in Härjedalen


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