Extreme sports

Sweden has longitude, intensely diverse seasons, is surrounded by a lot of sea and archipelagos east and west, has alpine mountains centrally, polar plains up north, and rolling countryside, forest and sandy beaches in the south. Yes, It’s almost too much to believe. And it is an adventure sport lovers dream.

  • Nature's Best arrangement JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Nature's Best arrangement JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Water adventures

Kayak or canoe through the canals of Stockholm or go wild and paddle out into the archipelagoes. Camp on an island over night. Catch your own fish and sleep under the stars. Fish in the wilds of the midlands, or go nuts in the Swedish mountains with whitewater rafting at Storfallet rapids.
The south is great for windsurfing and kitesurfing – the Öresund strait and Malmö city beach. And timber-rafting holidays are a family friendly must on the Klarälven river.

Hiking holidays

Go on a guided hiking tour in the Swedish mountains or the wilderness of Swedish National parks (including the expansive and wildly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site, Sarek). You can often combine your hiking holiday adventures with quad biking, zip lining, survivalist camping trips and hunting.

Frozen lakes

Swedes do not let a bit of ice and sub-zero temperatures stop them from winter sports fun. What to do? Countrywide, speed around Swedish frozen lakes on a kitewing, go ice yachting or tour skating in winter.

Snow and ice

Up north? Pack your pick and hike glaciers and frozen waterfalls. Go on a husky mushing safari and live in igloos. Stay in the ICEHOTEL. Herd reindeer and have dinner in a tepee. Snow mobile to your hearts content on elk-spotting safaris. And please pack your thermal underwear.

City extremes

You can even try out extreme adventures in the cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö all offer RIB boating and hot air ballooning.

Way-out-there activities?

Shipwreck diving in the Baltic. Yes. It’s true. Not only are there close to 10,000 registered shipwrecks in Sweden, but also there is not a woodworm in sight. Too cold probably. That, and the low-salt levels, makes the Baltic Sea (off Sweden’s east coast) a diver’s wet dream.


Year round adventures and weather-based adventures are available countrywide (or we should say -long). And here in Sweden, your winter sports adventures are not just limited to winter – just cross the Arctic Circle into Swedish Lapland and snow adventures are yours practically year round, and indeed day round with the Midnight Sun that never sets between May 31 – July 11 up near Kiruna.


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