Food & Drink in Stockholm

Stockholm is now positioning itself as the “Capital of Scandinavia”. Copenhagen might object, not least when it comes to restaurants, but Stockholm for sure is one of Europe’s most dynamic foodie scenes.

  • Michelin starred Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm

Michelin starred Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm

One of the most beautiful too, built as it is on hundreds of islands, exactly where Lake Mälaren embraces the Baltic. There is water everywhere. In fact, you can fish for your own healthy pike between the Royal Palace and the Houses of Parliament, and perhaps bring it into the magnificent Operakällaren and ask them to prepare some elegant quenelles for you.

The city has a major crush on fish and shellfish, and agents for food halls and restaurateurs in Stockholm often snatch the best specimen away by overbidding everyone else at Gothenburg’s daily fish auctions.

And don’t miss the local strömming, a smaller and absolutely delicious version of herring from the Baltic, prepared in numerous ways including pickling – and can also be enjoyed as yummy street food.

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