Småland is one of Sweden’s larger provinces. It is dominated by a high forest plain and has huge forests and cultivated flatlands in the south. Oh, and a fabulous eastern coastline with accompanying ‘you have to see it to believe it’ archipelago. And some 5,000 lakes for fishing, swimming, canoeing or just picnicking and lounging. Not bad for a ‘small land’.

  • Stensjöby in Småland
  • Astrid Lindgrens Värld in Vimmerby, Småland
  • Glassblowing at Kosta Boda in Småland
  • Bathroom at Kosta Boda Art Hotel
  • The port of Västervik
  • Springtime at Carl von Linnés Råshult in Småland
  • Evening at Dammsjön in Småland
  • Sofa from Swedish furniture design label Lammhults
  • Näs – The home of Astrid Lindgrens childhood

Stensjöby in Småland

Big country

The countryside of Småland will have you high-fiving for its variation and variety of outdoor pursuits and activities on offer. Just take a look at the province’s hiking trails here. Or the Store Mosse National Park here or how about Isaberg, a beautiful forest and lake area between the towns of Jönköping and Halmstad. It has bundles of activities such as cycling, canoeing, horse-riding, fishing and more and is brilliant for kids. Or rent a cabin here and do zilch for a couple of weeks and let the kids do the activities.

And how about that east coast and archipelago? Sandy beaches, swimming, boat trips, shimmering rocky isles, waterside dining (yes, we’re in Sweden). Go here for more information about the east coast and archipelago. If you’re planning a holiday with your children to Småland go here for an exhaustive list of kids activities in the province. Lucky you.

Three famous Smålänningar

Three very famous people come from Småland. One is Astrid Lindgren, the world famous children’s books author. She has her own world at Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby where she grew up. All the characters form her books are here; Karlsson, Emil and Rasmus and the strongest girl in the world Pippi Longstocking. Kids love this place and you just might too for the impressive settings, theatres, live performances and kid-centric activities. If you want to stay over there is chalet and campsite accommodation. In the town of Vimmerby there are many Astrid Lindgren-centred attractions and activities.

From world famous author to world famous mega furniture concern IKEA. Ingvar Kamprad, founder of the company is from Småland. Want to visit the very first IKEA store? Then pay a visit to the ‘IKEA through the Ages’ exhibition at the spiritual home of the company in Älmhult. Still on the design theme, did you know that world famous furniture designer Bruno Mathsson was from Småland? Now that you do pay the Bruno Mathsson Center in Värnamo to find out more.

Design ‘kingdoms’

Yes, in Småland there is the Kingdom of Crystal and the Kingdom of Furniture. They have been making world famous glass in this part of Småland since 1742 and this kingdom spreads across four municipalities, 13 glassworks and studios, some 20 hotels and all of it revolves around glass. In some of the glassworks you can try glass blowing, but if this is too ‘puff-cheeked’ for you, get some glass retail therapy at the factory seconds stores in the area. For glass-themed accommodation look no further than the Kosta Boda Art Hotel.

The Kingdom of Furniture meanwhile is the collective name for the area around the town of Lammhult in Småland. This is the heart of the Swedish furniture design industry and around the region you’ll find world famous furniture design names like Svenssons in Lammhult, Bruno Mathsson International, Källemo, Abstracta and others. If you like Swedish furniture design, you’ll love this.

Ever wanted to see a wooden town, a museum dedicated to matchsticks, or take a steamboat adventure. Now you can, in Småland. Go here for Småland museums, manor houses and other cultural attractions.

Food culture and restaurants

Isterband (pork, barley and potato sausage) with pickled beetroot and dilled potatoes is a classic Småland dish. And there are many other delicious dishes from the region. You can find out more about Småland’s culinary heritage here and check out the list of restaurants, cafés and other eateries in the province serving authentic dishes.

With beautiful countryside and plenty to do for you and the kids, we think you’ll love Småland.


Småland is a year-round destination.

Art glass in Glasriket/Kingdom of Crystal

World famous Swedish glass

The Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) is where world famous Swedish glass such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors are made. Here you can visit glassworks and glass studios, blow your own glass and stay in a hotel featuring a glass bar and oodles of glass artwork.

Design store “Aschebergsgatan 24” in Gothenburg

Swedish Design

The Swedish lifestyle is strongly reflected in the design - practical, democratic and sustainable. And it is much more than IKEA.

Insane, a new attraction at Gröna Lund, Stockholm

Theme and amusement parks

Bringing the kids on holiday to Sweden and want to avoid the ’Mum, I’m bored looking at shops’, or ’Dad are we going fishing again’. Then you’re going to need to know about the country’s amusement and theme parks. They might just save your life.

One of many beaches at Öland

Öland island

Öland island is one of Sweden’s most popular summer holiday destinations. And no wonder; you’re never far from the beach and shallow waters of the Baltic here. Öland is a seaside holiday, a cultural, sightseeing holiday and a family holiday because of all its activities for children. In fact it’s all of these rolled into one.


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