Southern Sweden

  • Bovallstrand Marina on the West Coast
    Bovallstrand Marina on the West Coast

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  • Canola field in Skåne
    Canola field in Skåne

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If you have watched the ‘Wallander’ television series, adapted from the books of Henning Mankell, you pretty much have the southern tip of Sweden in a nutshell. And Ystad, the setting for the crime action, in particular. It really is that gorgeous; with rolling plains, white cottages in the distance, and endless sandy beaches. Is this Sweden, you ask yourself.

More surprises await you here. The fabulous Kullaberg coastline in the north is dotted with fabulous fishing villages like Mölle and Arild and exclusive seaside towns such as Torekov and Båstad. Being one of Europe’s richest farming areas southern Sweden is big on small-scale artisan food production and farmers market. The lamb, venison, goose and shellfish are wonderful. Enjoy them all in the restaurants, bistros, bars and cafés in Malmö.

Gothenburg in West Sweden


Gothenburg and the West Coast have got international travel journalists and food bloggers eating out of their hands. Why? World-class seafood, world-class restaurants and a coastline and archipelago to die for.

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, just outside Stockholm


Sweden has made a name for itself as a golfing nation with the success of golfing legend Annika Sörenstam and leading PGA Tour players Carl Petterson and Henrik Stenson.

Western harbour in Malmö


If you are looking for a relaxing city weekend then head to Malmö in southern Sweden. Cosmopolitan, attractively compact Malmö is reinventing itself with new, sustainable districts such as Western Harbour, and fascinating architecture such as the Turning Torso building.

Lowland hiking in Southern Sweden

Lowland trails

The lowlands trails of central and southern Sweden criss-cross inland and out to the east, west and south coasts of the country. And they are dotted with many shelters, youth hostels and campsites.



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