Wilderness hiking in Sarek

The uninhabited and vast Sarek National Park is the very definition of getting-away-from-it-all.

  • Sarek in Swedish Lapland

Sarek in Swedish Lapland

Sarek, in Swedish Lapland, is Sweden’s largest expanse of national park and is the definition of remoteness; alpine peaks, massifs, glacial valleys, torrential rapids, and terrain so rough your quads will not fit into your jeans for six months after you get back.

Who likes it?

Experienced hikers, mountaineers and adventure fanatics. Indeed you need to be the adventurous type to make it in Sarek: there are no marked trails, cabins or amenities. Yes, every survivalists dream. And that is why Sarek is so great. You will not have to worry about bumping into your neighbour here (unless that’s who you are travelling with). Maybe just the odd wild animal.

What else you can you do there?

You can sing out loud, run naked, have monologues with yourself, and nobody will notice. Every Swede’s idea of freedom. But the park is not totally bereft of safety and comfort. The prefect starting point is mountain station Saltoluokta, at the beginning of the King’s Trail (Kungsleden) with proper beds and a restaurant. Pure luxury.

Note there are no marked trails or amenities. Bring a compass, map, toilet paper and a sense of adventure. Oh, and a tent.

Best time to go?

Late spring, summer and early autumn unless you feel like camping in sub-zero and walking in crampons the whole hike.


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