Street food in Malmö

Malmö may be the capital of the Skåne region, famous for its rich dairy, goose, eel and farm fresh foods. But Malmö is also a multicultural melting pot of world culture cuisine where you can just as easily grab a genuine kebab on the go as gourmet escallops of fried goose liver.

  • Restaurant Salt & Brygga in Malmö
  • International food at Möllevångstorget in Malmö

Restaurant Salt & Brygga in Malmö

Neighbourhood favourite

Malmö’s trendy downtown equivalent of Soho started off as a farmers market, more than 100 years ago. Now, Möllevångstorget knows as ‘Möllan’ to locals, is a cosmopolitan foodie area with cafés, grocery stores, restaurants and take-outs lining the 4 blocks in and around the main square. Expect to find cheap eats in the form of exotic food from every corner of the world.

Upmarket street and water side

Sample seafood Swedish style like a local and try it with dill butter, fennel, and horseradish.  Do it street side in the summer by Lilla Torg Saluhallen at Johan P, where the catch of the day is picked from the ice counter in front of you. Or head for the harbour to sit waterside and sample health conscious gourmet seafood at Salt & Brygga, a favourite for its healthy gourmet food in the Western Harbour (Västra Hamnen) district.

Swedish fast food

On every street corner is a korvkiosk. What’s that? It’s a sausage kiosk with a difference.  Swedes have a truly unique version of hot dogs and take sausage-in-a-roll concept to new levels. You can have it usual hot dog style or in a breaded role with a cylindrical insertion space for the sausage. Or, quite creatively, with mashed potato and wrapped in a soft flatbread – ask for a tunnbrödsrulle and stock up on your week’s carbohydrates in one standing. But worry not. When it’s snowing, -5C and you are street side, you will need the fuel.


Don’t be shy at the hot dogs stands. Eat your sausage with abandon on the street, that’s what the locals do. Though there can be haphazard moments what with the mashed potato squeezing out the end of your tunnbrödsrulle. Be prepared with extra napkins.


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