Slottsskogen Park

Locals call Slottsskogen the lungs of the city. Not surprising considering this 137 hectares of beautiful woodland with wild deer and tawny owls – established and protected since 1874 – is a gloriously expansive area of forest, trails and open spaces right beside the heart of the city.

  • The Slottsskogen park in Gothenburg

The Slottsskogen park in Gothenburg

As well as meandering aimlessly through the park or going for a run on the forest trails, follow the lead of the locals and get active. Pick wild strawberries and blueberries late summer, go to the well-designed playground with the kids, and play football and sunbathe with a picnic.

Just do it

Go wild with mini-golf or frisbee golf and on sunny days, strip off and challenge the locals on the beach volleyball courts. Slottsskogen also holds the annual Gothenburg Marathon and there is a telescope-equipped observatory where you can see planets and look for shooting stars.

Zoo park

The park doubles as a zoo with spacious animal enclosures spread throughout. See Swedish elk and deer and horses. And in the Children’s Zoo, watch boars, hairy goats, sheep, rabbits, hens and Gotland ponies which you can also take on a trek. There are also ponds with ducks, seals and even penguins.


Slottsskogen is the annual venue for the Way Out West summer music festival, and there is also a gazebo that regularly holds music and dance events throughout the summer. The Göteborg Symphony Orchestra also performs a free outdoor concert in summertime.

Good to know:

You can check out the pecking order of the park penguins – they are fed at 14.30. Take a break in one of the three cafés in the park.


The park itself is always open, but the children’s zoo is only open May-Aug.


A part of the official gateway to Sweden