• Harbour of Gothenburg

    Harbour of Gothenburg

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  • The Grand Market Hall in Gothenburg

    The Grand Market Hall in Gothenburg

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Gothenburg and the West Coast have got international travel journalists and food bloggers eating out of their hands. Why?  World-class seafood, world-class restaurants and a coastline and archipelago to die for.

The world is discovering Gothenburg and West Sweden. You should too.

Kayaking in West Sweden

Kayaking and canoeing in West Sweden

The Bohuslän coastline was made for paddling. There are no strong currents or tidal waters, but there are 8,000 islands, islets and rocks to explore and discover in a kayak. One of them could be yours

One of many coffee shops in Gothenburg

Cafés in Gothenburg

Giant cinnamon rolls, tables spilling on to cobblestoned streets and probably the best chocolate café in Sweden – hello Gothenburg.

Wether Islands in Bohuslän, at the West Coast

The West Coast archipelago

Sea, wildlife, kayaking, fishing and a whole lot of sailing lifestyle.



A part of the official gateway to Sweden