Central Sweden

  • Nordåker in Dalarna

    Nordåker in Dalarna

    © Synöve Borlaug Dufva/imagebank.sweden.se

  • Uppsala Castle

    Uppsala Castle

    © Mark Harris/imagebank.sweden.se



Central Sweden wows with a host of cool places to go and events and activities to enjoy.

Of course you have to experience capital city Stockholm, but do put the medieval city of Uppsala and challenger for ‘prettiest town anywhere’ Sigtuna on your itinerary. Further north, in Dalarna province, you can start ticking off UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the fantabulous Great Copper Mine in Falun.

Dancing around the maypole. Midsummer in Sweden


At midsummer Sweden literally closes down. The factories, offices and schools are closed as Swedes retreat to countryside cottages or gather in gardens to celebrate midsummer.

Mosebacke at Södermalm in Stockholm


Simply. Stunning. Stockholm. Sweden’s capital city spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out proudly to the Baltic Sea to the east. Her grand public buildings, palaces, rich cultural history and museums tell her 700 year-old history beautifully.

Fjällbacka in Bohuslän, West Sweden

Swedish culture

The clothes you wear, the online music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you watch, the furniture you buy. Chances are that there is a little bit of Sweden in there somewhere.

Fishing in Sweden

Fishing for everyone in Sweden

The fishing season varies because Sweden is some 2,000 kilometres long from tip to toe and has several climate zones. In the lowland, lush south the season is usually year-round off the coast and in its coastal rivers, inland rivers and lakes.



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