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The Swedish culinary miracle
To dine well is an art; in Skåne it is a masterpiece. Snapshot images worthy of culinary covers grace tables throughout the region. Skåne’s  champion chefs love to use the best of seasonal and local ingredients --such as Swedish herring, eel and goose --in authentic dishes including our savory Swedish smörgåsbord. Their works are charged by magical settings such as historic manors, lakeside castles and stylish gardens that distinguish Skåne among its world-class counter parts such as Tuscany and Provence.
Stockholm rules
From the historic royalty of Drottningholm Palace to its hip shops and super cool nightlife Stockholm is a capital that glows hot with excitement. In this city by the sea urban center meets urban wilderness extending to thousands of islands and the world's largest archipelago. The walk-able city of bridges and contrasts Stockholm panders to the most discerning of globetrotters with incredible museums, historic districts, and a classy culinary scene that every Nobel Prize winner is sure to recall.

Culture (West Sweden/Gothenburg)
Culture Breaks
Sweden's second largest city and Scandinavian's largest port Gothenburg lies on the west side, and by most counts, the best side of the country. The transformation of its old industrial areas into attractive urban environments for shopping and entertainment have helped make it a leading choice for Europeans seeking new and novel city-breaks. Gothenburg boasts a staggering selection of restaurants (great shellfish) including four that tout Michelin stars, a world-class Opera House and Concert Hall, National Orchestra, dynamic museums and districts with restored wooden buildings, shops and cafes.
History (Vasa Museum)
From Vikings to royals
We Swedes were sovereigns of the sea in Viking times and seafaring ways still lock step with Swedish leadership and power. The Vasa Museum is a sterling symbol of that prowess. It took deep pockets and significant resources to salvage and house the 1628 warship that sank minutes into her maiden voyage. A walk along her pitch-sealed planks brings you into the world of ordinary 17th century seamen as well as the royals who mandated that Vasa be adorned with 700 sculptures and ornamentation!
We love Swedish Design
It is easy to love Swedish design. Its sheer beauty teamed up with practicality make living without it almost unimaginable. Sweden is the home of H&M as well as upcoming talented designers not yet on the international scene but with their own stores. Design aficionados discover items that are distinctively Swedish. Famous names in glassware such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors still set a world standard.

Nature (outdoors)
Nature and adventure, yes!
The enjoyment of nature is second nature to Swedes. And outdoor adventures abound. Hiking, biking, and great fishing (pike, perch, trout) can be found in cities and throughout the countryside. Visitors can hike, kayak and climb as well as partake in euphoric walks through deep green forests dotted with lakes, red cottages and farmhouses. World-class golf courses with stunning views are complimented by romantic hotels and inns and outstanding gastronomy. Nature is good, beautiful and wild -- all in the Swedish way.

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