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Tee them High and Let them Fly….

From the south right up to the north, Sweden is a golfer’s playground. Unique courses provide excitement and challenge, stimulation and relaxing serenity. Nordic Driving tees are surrounded by thick pine forests, crystal lakes are edged by a sturdy rough. And wide-open fairways, occasionally cut by traps of sand, unfold onto emerald green putting greens.

In numbers of courses and golf clubs, Sweden is one of Europe’s major golf countries.
Swedish golf clubs are affiliated with the Swedish Golf Federation, but each individual club sets its own green fees and establishes the terms under which players have access to its course.

Golfing season varies a lot from one end of the country to another. In southernmost Sweden, golf is possible from March to November – but if weather permits, all year.
The farther north you go, the later the courses open. In northernmost Sweden, the season runs from May to September/October. But on the other hand, the midnight sun up in the north permits golf around the clock from June to August. Bjorkliden Golf Course was build 1929 and its peak time was when the so called dollar trains started to roll in Sweden during the fiftieth. With Sami people as caddies and when the light of the midnight sun was flooding they hit a few shoots on the course, celebrated in champagne and returned to their trains to find more adventure.

Sk‭åne is one of the least expensive and most efficient golfing paradise in Europe. Here you have about 60 courses within a 50 minute drive. From Malmo you can reach 30 courses, all within 30 minutes. Many clubs collaborate with hotels over golf packages and reduced green fees. 
You can combine golf in Skåne with a culinary trip around this southern part of the country and also visit one of the many castles located in this region.

To play on a course you must be member of a recognized golf club and have a handicap of at least 36.

Players must observe accepted etiquette regarding the care of the grounds and consideration of other players.

Golf is very good exercise – in Sweden we do not use golf carts as we do in USA.
The carts might make money for the club but it really does not speed up the game as many might think.

In Sweden the length of the course is measures in meter while in the States (and England of course), the golf courses are in yards.

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