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Explore West Sweden from a Seat in a Kayak or Canoe

Explore West Sweden from the Seat of a Kayak or Canoe

Want to leave the lightest footprint you can as a traveler? Consider paddling your way in from the seat of a kayak or canoe along West Sweden’s enchanting Bohuslän coastline riddled with some 8,000 islands, islets and rocks or wend you way through the emerald forests of Dalsland’s lake district. A breathtaking treat for adventure travelers, West Sweden’s beauty is legendary and is one of the most spectacular and accessible kayaking and canoeing environments in Europe.
 Travel from the idyllic Koster Islands – set in Kosterhavet Marine National Park that enjoys more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Sweden –to the richly forested Dalsland that boasts the largest lake system in the country and water so pristine you can drink it right from the lake to Fjällbacka archipelago, one of the region’s most sheltered settings to the Weather Islands nature reserve to spot seal colonies, the magical islands of Orust and Tjörn or the awe-inspiring lake district. Just a 30-minute ride from Fjällbacka you will find yourself at Väderöarna, also known as the Weather Islands where the currents are calm and even, and not a drop of tidal water in sight.
Feeling a bit timid? Choose from self-guided or expert-led guided kayak and canoe trips featuring top- quality accommodations, dining on the freshest ingredients combined with soothing spa visits. Paddling for all levels of experience is available – calm, sheltered waters for people who have never kayaked before, and exposed deep-sea stretches for more experienced travelers.
 Opt for a completely natural experience by doing what the Europeans do -- wild camping –set up your tent just about anywhere you like and you may find yourself on your own private island. Many islands’ campsites are equipped with BBQ grills, so kayakers can whip up a hearty meal. Thanks to Sweden’s Freedom to Roam Law, visitors have unlimited access to nature making it legal to trespass, camp, fish and pick berries on private and public land.
 Arrive in time for the new Sea Kayaking Festival in 2013 – West Coast Water (24-26 May) just south of Grebbestad in Bohuslän. Visitors can meet expert kayakers, try out the latest kayaks and pick up insider tips.
 Ringed by deep forests, the Dalsland lake district’s labyrinth of glittering rivers and lakes attracts canoe campers who can spend the night beneath the stars or at a lakeside tipi or cottage. Feeling social? Join more than 1,000 folks of all abilities to meet the challenge of the 35-mile Dalsland Canoe Marathon (August 10, 2013) - Sweden’s biggest canoeing competition. Celebrate at the traditional crayfish party that follows to toast the participants.
 New Two-Day Canoe Training Weekends are now available in Dalsland to upgrade anyone’s paddling skills (starting May 31 or June 28, 2013). Led by expert kayakers, Christian Dietz and Oscar Ahlgren, the courses feature professional advice on technique, nutrition and equipment.
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