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Waffel Day March 25

Waffel Day in Sweden March 25

The Waffel Day in Sweden is held on March 25 every year and came about due to the Annunciation Day, which in Sweden in the old days was called “vårfrudagen”, which means “Our Lady’s Day” from the French Catholic “Notre Dame”. The pronunciation of Notre Dame in Swedish, i.e. “varfru”, is so close to the pronunciation of the Swedish word for Waffle, that the day colloquially became “the Waffle Day” and started the tradition of serving waffles on this particular day. Since then, by tradition, the Swede’s have waffles on March 25 even though the Annunciation Day is held on the Sunday closest to the 25 in Sweden according to the Swedish State Church.

Waffles are best served with whipped cream (real cream of course) and jam. Swede’s love cloudberry jam on their waffles, but strawberry or raspberry jam is also frequently served with the waffles. It is important to go by a recipe with as little flour and as much cream as possible in the waffle batter to make the waffles as crispy as possible. I have attached a great traditional recipe by popular Swedish TV-Chef Leila Lindholm (who used to make these traditional waffles at historical restaurant Ulla Windbladh in Djurgården Stockolm, where the recipe originates from) below. It uses the metric system, and please feel free to translate if you wish:

2.75 dl cold water
 3.25 dl flour
 1 pinch of salt
 4 dl whipping cream
butter for the waffle iron

Whipping cream and raspberry, strawberry or cloudberry jam to put on top

1. Mix water, flour and salt until Smooth. Whip cream until stiff and fold together with batter.

2. Bake with butter in a waffle iron at full power and put them on a grid to cool
3. Beat the cream and place on waffles with jam

Have a great  Waffel Day! 



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