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Skane - Sweden's Wine Country

Sweden’s rising wine region: Skåne
Having cornered the market on word-class liquors, Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost province, is now making a name for itself as a wine-producing nation. Known for aquavit, schnapps and Absolut vodka, wine production is an emerging industry in the region, which began in the mid- to late- 1990s. The region’s fertile soils and mild climate make it possible for wine to thrive in this high-latitude nation. The region may get less sunlight than other European wine producers, but the cold provides resistance to insects and mold.
Situated at the southernmost tip of Sweden, Skåne boasts a vast Baltic coastline, with close proximity to Denmark and is best known for its Solaris and Rondo grapes, which produce fruity white wine and full-bodied reds. These are German-hybrid grapes, first crossed in the 1960s.
Prices per bottle range from around US$30 to US$65 per bottle. Due to European Union regulations, the country only produces table wines.
Medieval towns in the region contain castles and historic architectural sites. World-class golf courses also densely populate the region, making a wine tour attractive for tourists of varied interests.
Many of the region’s notable vineyards are located in the Österlen section of Skåne, at the province’s southeastern tip.

These include:
Hällåkra Vingård
This vineyard is southeast of the city of Malmö. It is known for its Pinot Noir, Leon Millot and Regent vines. The winery opened in 2003 and has grown to have between 5,000 and 6,000 vines.     (Swedish only)
Email: P: +46 04-10-28000

Åhus Vingård
Between Åhus and Yngsjö, next to the River Helge, this winery won the 2010 award for “The Best Swedish wine” for its Solaris white wine. The winery also produces red and
Rosé wines. The winery has more than 3,000 vines, including Solaris, Rondo and Leon Millot varieties. The August 20, 2011 wine festival provides visitors with tours and food samplings from the region.

Domän Sånana
This vineyard situated near the medieval castle Glimmingehus opened in 1998. It has
more than 1,500 vines, including: Solaris, Orion, Orthega, Zalas Perle, Rondo, Bolero, Siramé and Pinot Noir.

Köpingsbergs Vineyard
This vineyard overlooks the Baltic Sea, and was nominated for best newcomer winery at the 2010 Swedish Touring Awards. It is known for its sparkling wine and has
Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Auxerrois, Orthega, Orion, Rondo and Leon Millot vines.

Kullahalvöns Vingård
Kullahalvöns Vingård is a young, creative vineyard that aims to create a unique taste experience, straight from the Kulla Peninsula. Pre-booked tours only.   (Swedish only)
P: +46 042-34 4859

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