Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Tours

New art tours kick off Swedish spring in Skane
Easter time in Sweden’s southernmost province of Skane means opening season for one of its newest cultural traditions: Art Tours. From April 22 - May 1, 2011, budding images splashed across canvas, “wow” pottery, and hundreds of participating artists will herald the onset of Skane’s Art Tour season.
            Since 1968 when 12 artists arranged the first art week, Skane’s overseers have nurtured the event as a means to showcase the picturesque region’s extensive and long-standing art industry. During the art week, which is now celebrated region wide, hundreds of artists open up their studios to the public, which is invited to share artists’ private worlds where creativity abounds and signature works dazzle. Ceramic ateliers and art galleries abound and will present special showings, and new art exhibitions are scheduled. The excellence of Skane’s regional craftsmanship — in everything from glass to silver to potter — and inspiring works attract thousands of browsers and buyers from local and international destinations.
            Visitors to Skane will discover studios and galleries  set in remarkably beautiful places such as seaside villages, country lanes, medieval castles, and in towns with half-timbered house. And, when meandering and inspiration take a back seat to culinary interests, travelers will find abundance in the region’s gastronomic establishments that compete head on with world-renowned culinary centers such as Paris.
Among the highlights of Skane’s 2011 Art Tour:
•       Group exhibition at Frostavallen in Hoor, April 22-25, 2011 The mixed works of 63 artists plus a showing of the unique paintings and graphics of this year's guest exhibitor Ardy Strüwer.
•       Open artists studios April 22-25, 2011
•       VSKG, Western Skane Artist’s Guild. Group exhibitions (60 artists) in Alnarp, Esarp and Astorp. April 21 to year’s end.
Taxi Defrost offers Art bus tours that include studio visits during Easter. Half and full day tours are offered; rates are SEK 175 and SEK 250, respectively. http://www.taxifrosta.se/sida25.html, uses Google translate.

For more information visit: www.skane.com


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