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Dare to Stay Hotels: A Swedish Innovation

Dare to Stay Hotels: A Swedish Innovation!

Some of the most unique hotels in the world can be found in one country: Sweden. Don’t miss our top 10 unique hotels, all very different when it comes to design, luxury and originality. Dare to stay at a different hotel in 2011!

1) Icehotel (Kiruna, Lapland)
The first and largest ice hotel in the world.

The Icehotel in northern Sweden is truly a once in a lifetime experience! It is the world’s largest hotel made of snow and ice; it covers about 5500 square meters and has 60 rooms. Inside the hotel, the temperature is never lower than 23 Fahrenheit, regardless of how cold it may be outside. Dress in warm thermal underwear, put on a hat and slip into the cozy sleeping bag. The day after, you are awakened in the morning with a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside.  Breakfast buffet, morning sauna, and towels are included in your stay. The hotel is open between December 10 and April 18, which also is the best time for experiencing the amazing Northern Lights. Further information can be found at:

2) TREEHOTEL (Harads, Lapland)
Sleep among the trees.

Harads Tree Hotel is an exciting and unique collaboration between some of the leading designers and architects in Scandinavia. This fun and unique concept of living has caused a sensation around the world and added a new dimension to innovative modern design. The hotel opened its doors in 2010 and consists of six "rooms".  Each room is completely different in design and shape, but they are all created with ecological values and in harmony with nature. As a guest you will fall asleep to the smell of forest and whisper of wind passing through the treetops. In the morning you will wake up to the sound of birds. More information can be found at

3) Salt & Sill (The west coast of Sweden)
A floating hotel in the archipelago.

Salt & Sill (Salt & Herring) is Sweden's first floating hotel and located in the pristine archipelago of the west coast.  It is an exclusive hotel with 23 rooms and one suite with an outdoor Jacuzzi. All rooms have their own entrance and access to an outdoor seating area. In the Salt & Sill restaurant, you can enjoy fresh and newly captured seafood. And don’t miss the famous Herring Platter, which has given the restaurant international recognition. The hotel also boasts the world’s fastest sauna.

The sauna is a miniature ship that all guests can use. More information:

The green life-style hotel in Stockholm city center.

A new lifestyle hotel has opened in the heart of Stockholm’s vibrant city center in a historic building that dates from 1699 with a trendy decor by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Situated on the waterfront and surrounded by beautiful nature and captivating culture, Hotel Skeppsholmen is a place to recharge your batteries, at a quiet, yet central location. This Swedish landmark combines an old world ambience with contemporary Swedish cuisine, art, design, fashion and music. The hotel is also eco-labeled.
More information:

5) Utter Inn (Västerås)
A one-room hotel – under water.

Discover Utter Inn, a one-of-a-kind underwater hotel, which floats on Lake Mälaren only 60 miles from Stockholm. The hotel consists of two parts, a floating bridge and a unique underwater room where two people can stay overnight. The floating bridge is designed as a typical Swedish farmhouse, red with white garbles, and also includes a sun deck a small rowboat to explore the surrounding islands. When night falls, it’s time to climb down the stairs to the bedroom with its panorama windows in all four directions – three meters below the surface of the water. It is a remarkable feeling to go to bed with fish all around that are watching you carefully. You are in an aquarium where fish are the beholders of man.

6) JUMBO STAY (Arlanda, Stockholm)
Sleep in a Jumbo Jet.

Welcome to one of the world’s coolest stays! Here you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet – on the ground. Different room categories can accommodate one to three adults in comfort and as well as a quad dormitory bed option, all with shower and toilet facilities in the corridors. The hotel also offers a luxury suite in the converted cockpit with a panoramic view of the airport. At Jumbo Stay you’re guaranteed a unique and outstanding experience at a reasonable price. More info at
The deepest room in the world.

Sleep in the world’s deepest hotel room located approximately 510 feet under ground. Winding galleries, thrilling cavities, and underground lakes surround the mining suite. Your stay includes a guided tour of the mine, a basket with refreshments (cheese, biscuits, fruit, sparkling wine, and chocolate) and breakfast. More information at

8) Grand Hôtel (Stockholm)
The most glamorous hotel in Sweden.

This legendary five-star deluxe hotel has a splendid location, opposite the Royal Palace by the water.  Its elegant interiors and superior cuisine appeal to everyone who appreciates the good things in life, big and small. Don’t miss Mathias Dahlgren, a superb two star Michelin restaurant run by one of the most famous chefs in Sweden: Mathias Dahlgren. Another must is the new spa: Raison d'Etre, which is one of the best in Sweden. The hotel boasts 368 exclusive rooms including 37 exquisite suites. More information
9) Norrmalmstorg Nobis (Stockholm)
What's New in Stockholm.

The 201-room Nobis opened in December 2010 and is Stockholm's first contemporary luxury hotel. At Nobis Hotel, you are at the very throbbing heart of Stockholm, within easy reach of the city’s best restaurants, shops, museums, sights, attractions, and nightclubs. More info on

10) Kolarbyn (Halstahammar)
Sleep in a Forest Hut in the Swedish wilderness.

Kolarbyn is called Sweden´s most primitive hotel. It is a natural refuge for silence, wilderness, and adventure in a beautiful forest setting just a few hours away from Stockholm. Kolarbyn consists of twelve little forest huts located in a glade by the beautiful lake Skärsjön. A variety of guided tours, package deals and special events are offered throughout the season. Among the most popular are the wildlife (moose, wolf, beaver, and lynx) safaris.  Kolarbyn is very eco conscious and won the Grand Travel Award - The Ecotourism prize 2009.

More info at,




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