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Operakallaren's Smorgasbord - a Swedish Tradition

Relaunch 2010: Operakällaren’s Smorgasbord

A classic returns!
This summer brings with it the relaunch of one of Operakällaren’s all time great success stories: the smorgasbord! The legendary gastronomic traditions of Werner Vögelis and Tore Wretman live on and, after a break of 15 years, it is once again time to lay out the great buffet filled with Swedish delicacies.

The smorgasbord...
The smorgasbord is a traditional Swedish buffet that has developed from the middle classes’ so called aquavit spread, which was popular from the 16th century until the smorgasbord made its breakthrough in the mid-19th century. Tore Wretman is one of the great icons of Swedish artistic cuisine. During his time at Operakällaren, he re-established the Swedish smorgasbord and marketed it around the world. For example, he presented a replica of the Operakällaren buffet in the Swedish Pavilion during the New York World Fair in 1964, which was an enormous success! Tore Wretman also changed the classic buffet by dividing it up into five table visits. The first is named ‘His Majesty the Herring’ and the second includes all the other cold fish platters, ‘smoked, cured, salted, poached and aspics’. The third visit consists of cold meats (sausages, preserves, aspics, pâtés and joints of meat) and salads. The fourth visit is made up of ‘small hot dishes’ and the fifth and final visit is reserved for the desserts. For the 2010 smorgasbord, it will be the turn of Operakällaren’s star chef Stefano Catenacci to manage this gastronomic legacy.

The Operakällaren buffet
Pickled herring, ‘matjes’ herring, mustard cured herring, archipelago herring, sea shrimps, smoked salmon, gravlax, hot smoked salmon, egg-anchovy salad, smoked sausages, pork liver pâté, farmhouse pâté, smoked reindeer, poached ham, roast beef, tomato salad, ‘moja’ salad, gravlax salad, chicken salad, summer salad, prawn salad, ‘Jansson’s temptation’ potato and anchovy gratin, cocktail sausages, meatballs, dish of the day, delicious side dishes, cheeses and bread, Oscar II’s cake, fresh fruit salad with walnuts and honey yoghurt, pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, strawberries and cream.

An extraordinary experience.
Operakällaren is one of Sweden’s leading restaurants and was recently honoured with the prestigious White Guide’s ‘Sweden’s best restaurant –Overall experience’ award. Operakällaren’s star chef Stefano Catenacci is currently in the spotlight as he will be responsible for the dinner to be served at the Swedish Royal Wedding this summer. Operakällaren’s smorgasbord is the perfect addition to a Stockholm weekend break. For meetings and conferences as well as gatherings of relations and friends, it provides a truly classic culinary experience. We are bold enough to promise a delight!

General Information: Operakällaren’s smorgasbord will be served under the cut-glass chandeliers and ceiling paintings of Café Opera’s historically listed dining room from  May 19,  Wednesday – Sunday 1 PM - 7 PM. Other times and days of the week can also be arranged on request for groups.

Price SEK 390.

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