Thursday, June 24, 2010

Match Cup Sweden

A Great Sailing Event in Sweden

Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand 2010
On July 5 to 11 Marstrand is transformed into a boiling cauldron of the world's best sailors, artists, vacationing families and the cream of the industry. Stena Match Cup Sweden has become Sweden's biggest international sailing events and Marstrand, one of the hottest summer resorts.

Match Cup Sweden was in 2008 World Cup status as one of the nine stages are in the World Series World Match Racing Tour.
About Stena Match Cup Sweden
Stena Match Cup Sweden is one of Sweden's largest public events and one of ten World Cup races for the gentlemen of the World Match Racing Tour. The event attracts 100 000 visitors usually every year. Stena Match Cup Sweden organized by GKSS in cooperation with Fire Spot. GKSS is responsible for the sporting and Fire Spot for the commercial.



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