Monday, March 16, 2009

Stockholm Green Capital

Travelers seeking to put a “greener” emphasis on their travels may now want to move Stockholm to the top of their list.  Just last month Sweden’s environmentally-friendly capital won the first European Green Capital Award juried by the European Commission.

The Green Capital Award 2010 recognizes Stockholm for its stellar success in improving the global environment. It acknowledges and encourages the efforts of Stockholm’s local authorities to consistently achieve high environmental standards, lauds their commitment to further environmental improvement and sustainable development and identifies Stockholm as an international role model for best “green” practices. 35 other European capitals competed for the award.

Tourists exploring this maritime capital set on 14 islands centered on one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centers may be unaware of Stockholm’s Green Award. But they will surely appreciate its qualifying merits as they cycle Stockholm’s many bike paths, take long walks in serene city forests or go fishing -- for pike, herring catfish, cod, hake and mackerel -- right in city center. It is both a green paradise and a major international city that is famous for its great shopping, fine restaurants, top grade hotels, world renowned clubbing and music scene and vibrant cultural life.

A city of 800,000 today and growing rapidly, Stockholm has ambitions to be totally “fossil fuel free” by 2050. Since all public transportation runs on renewable fuels transportation emissions are already low and the city’s air quality is refreshingly good. Slated “green” improvements include the creation of more bathing beaches and a stepped-up water protection program for cleaner water.  These measures will both improve the global environment – and make for greener and healthier living and traveling in Stockholm.

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