Friday, July 10, 2009

News from Stockholm

News from Stockholm

Short News from Stockholm
Stockholm's Grand Hôtel to open exclusive spa
Late 2009 will see the spectacular Grand Hôtel in Stockholm to open an exclusive new spa.
In collaboration with international spa consultancy Raison d’Etre, the indulgent spa experience is being created in the Burmanska Palace section of the hotel. The Grand Hôtel is Scandinavia’s leading hotel boasting unique, elegant interior, five-star service and Michelin-starred dining in the heart of Stockholm. 

New seafood restaurant at the waterfront in Stockholm
A city built on 14 islands surrounded by water must have great seafood. In November 2009 a Seafood Grill restaurant named B.A.R (Blasieholmen Aquarium & Restaurant) will open on a float in Nybroviken by Grand Hotel viewing the Strandvägen esplanade and the island of Djurgården. The restaurant, which is operated by the Michelin Star restaurant LuxStockholm, will serve top class fish and seafood from the fishmarket or from their private aquarium. The restaurant will be a unique experience in itself with "floating boundaries between dining room and kitchen and floating boundaries in preparation, serving and presentation of the sea food.



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