Friday, July 17, 2009

New Tourism Developments in West Sweden

Anyone considering a trip to WestSweden will find a barrage of new innovations and great events that make it easy to learn about the region and plan your trip around specific interests. Among the new developments is a new blog, a soon-to-be opened marine national park, easier options for island hoping, adventurous venues for lobster season and an invitation to join Sweden's largest canoeing marathon.

When Kosterhavet, Sweden's first marine national park, opens on September 9, 2009, it will create a treasured national park and will also safeguard a long-standing fishing industry. Sweden’s most species-rich marine area -- with 200 different species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the country --  is preserved for all using sustainable tourism.390 sq km of the park's 450 sq km are located under water around the Koster Islands on West Sweden's Bohuslan coast near Stromstad.

New blog: Keep abreast of what's going on, read feedback and post your own comments on the new blog just launched by WestSweden. Island hopping in WestSweden is now even easier with a Route Map. Use the service to easily select a ferry, destination, time and experience. Passenger boats in Bohuslän have joined the project that links the various tourist boats with regular boat and ferry services. In 2010 the programme will be expanded to include travel from Gothenburg to the Koster Islands.

Those seeking new adventures in lobster season may find a Lobster Safari to be of interest. September 21, 2009 marks the start of the lobster season along the Bohuslän coast. You can travel out to sea, help haul up lobster pots and help prepare your self-sought supper before sitting down to savour it. Several companies offer lobster safaris including Handelsman Flink hotel on the island of Flaton.

Sweden's largest annual canoeing competition, the Dalsland Canoe Marathon, takes place on August 8, 2009. Paddlers are invited to make their way over 55 km of the connected waterways --meandering through the region's beautiful country scenery-- that comprise the Dalsland Canal.

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