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Gothenburg has so much going for it….
Geographically, it’s a gem. A harbor city with a cosmopolitan pulse and small town charm, this second city is situated in a beautiful region on Sweden’s west coast (equally close to the capital cities Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen).

It has an archipelago on its doorstep, impressive botanical gardens and parks, a range of fine museums (as the Göteborg Art Museum famous for its Nordic art from the turn of the previous century.), a culinary call with its burgeoning restaurant scene and Liseberg (Scandinavia’s largest amusement park).

It was from Gothenburg one million Swedes (¼ of the entire Swedish population then) emigrated for the United States, during the 19th century.
Greenly, it’s a go. The city has a long-term environmental awareness policy, including an efficient and environmentally friendly public transport system and a total of 400 kilometers of bicycle paths. It’s a breath of fresh air: clean and spacious, with an array of parks, plus the nearby forest and archipelago.
Gourmet-wise, it’s the gastronomic gateway to Sweden. Regarded by many as the ‘foodie’ capital of northern Europe, visitors are spoilt for choice with dining options ranging from its five Michelin-starred restaurants to an abundance of cafés and bistros. What’s more, prices in the Michelin-rated venues are cheaper than many of their counterparts in other European cities, and getting a table at short notice is not a problem. Options only a short drive away include savouring a smorgasbord of schnapps, or experiencing a lobster safari: cooking your catch and enjoying a self-sought dinner.

Fashion, Fresh Fish is Gothenburg's annual fashion fair and design competition aimed at un-established young designers of clothes, shoes, hats, etc. A jury consisting of some of Sweden's most prominent people in design will handpick about 40 contestants based on their work samples. The jury will also decide who will become this year's Fresh Fish.
Fresh Fish 09 takes place on Friday, February 27  until Sunday,  March 1  at the Eriksbergshallen on the northern shore of the harbor. Tickets: SEK 100.-. There will be several fashion shows daily. 
Generously is how you’re received as guests. Whether you stay in a sleek, contemporary hotel in central Gothenburg or in a castle or Gothic seaside villa outside the city, you’ll feel welcomed.
Going on? There are plenty of occasions all year-round in this leading events city. Summertime highlights include:
• Gothenburg Culture Festival, August 11- 16 – where dance and theatre are added to the mix of music, activities, open air dance floors, arts and crafts market, and a special kids’ party. All with free admission. With up to 600,000 visits and traditions from the start of the 1990’s The Göteborg Culture Festival is one of Sweden’s largest city festivals.

• Way out West, August 14-15 - ranks as one of the twenty best music festivals in Europe, hosting world-class performers, including several acts with US bands. Held in a large beautiful park in the city centre, there are two outdoor stages, an indoor stage, a buzzing festival atmosphere and a number of club nights. Last years festival counted 24,000 visitors. The festival is environmentally certified.

• Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art 2009, being the largest of its kind in Sweden, takes place at Röda Sten center for Contemporary Art and Culture located at the harbor entrance, on  September 5 – November 15. Under the theme What a Wonderful World, the curators Celia Prado and Johan Pousette will reflect upon the formation of politics in a visual, poetic and sensual way.

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