Sunday, January 06, 2008

Welcome to My Home Country

Welcome to My Home Country exhibit in Washington D.C.
The exhibition “Welcome to My Home Country”, a new promotional initiative by VisitSweden, the Embassy of Sweden and numerous partners opens on April 2nd in House of Sweden in Washington, DC.

“The initiative is a way for Swedes to say that we love Sweden and we want to share our passion for our country with you,” explains Linda Ericson, North American Director of VisitSweden.
“Welcome to My Home  Country” is a part of the spring program, “Discover Sweden”, in House of Sweden. This multifaceted exhibition will run from April 2nd through June 6th. Many exciting activities will take place during the program.
Well known Swedes, corporate executives, Volvo Overseas Delivery, Scandinavian Airlines and Carlson, Stockholm Visitors Board, Position Skåne, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sveaskog/Ekoturismföreningen and Vasa Museum, have joined forces to show Americans what Swedes enjoy the most about their home country.
House of Sweden and the exhibitions focus on the Swedish philosophy that intrinsic traits such as openness and honesty are as valuable to a country as modernity and progress. The exhibition and the website both enable visitors to learn about Sweden’s various regions, history, food, design, nature and city life.
On the website it will be possible to book a visit to Sweden and to find out more about the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program.
House of Sweden opened in October 2006, and has offered various themes including Cars and Transportation, Children First! and Art and Architecture. Discover Sweden will be the last theme in the series. High tech, socially progressive Sweden is juxtaposed with meanderings down quiet country roads and drives through natural landscapes that are easily found in cities in Sweden. Sweden offers the traveler everything from a quick city break to an extended sojourn in Lappland.

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